8 yen in terms hourly wage

Blog update from morning quickly.
It is 8 yen in terms of hourly wage.

It costs 16000 yen per year if A8 Pella site introduces its own domain, server and WP introduction.
Pay program for goo and blog is about 500 yen. I can not afford uncertain money.

There is funds to resell. So we will sell unnecessary items of my parents at a melange.

There are few people who see YouTube but watch it.

The egg is a problem in a frozen way.
Investment of YouTube equipment is cheaper than the amount damaged by shares.
I think that it is a good method to introduce how to make money on the net on YouTube and blog.

Many of YouTuber, bloggers and affiliates who are Ohmae and Horyemon are
I am profitable with information products and e - mail magazine step e - mail, seminars and consulting.

If you put these together, it seems that you can do web consulting for small business.
I can not earn money unless I already have items that I can make profitable like SMEs.

Dispatch and physical labor can not be done Seniors may be good YouTube, gaming broadcasts and resale.